The main disadvantages of contextual advertising.The main drawback is that in comparison with other methods of promotion get expensive. In addition, it is impossible to apply contextual advertising in topics with low search demand — make it work, the theme must be requested in the search. To show ads on non-content requests will fail — advertising the system will limit the shows inappropriate ads.

To use contextual advertising can throughout the term website promotion. Because of its relative high cost, reasonable time to reduce its volumes in favor of cheaper methods. However, adding new areas for promotion, contextual advertising — an indispensable tool for market entry.

Media advertising

This is any type of textual or graphical advertising on dedicated websites. Advantages here in the high audience reach and “clarity” banner advertising. In addition, new technologies provide advanced advertising opportunities: video, flash animation, background music.

The main disadvantage — a very weak possibility of targeting. In fact, the only mechanism for defining the target audience is selecting the platform. It turns out that advertising in any case shows a large number of untargeted audience. This leads, firstly, to reduce its effectiveness, and, secondly, to such phenomena as the rejection of this advertising module users. The result was the emergence of all kinds of software to block ads on websites, as well as such phenomena as “banner blindness”, when a person just does not take placed the banners on the sites.

However, this method of promoting is well to apply to branding when the challenge is to strengthen the brand’s popularity among the masses. Such targets may arise from major projects in the later stages of development. To use media advertising to directly increase sales now few people can.


SEO (eng. Search Engine Optimization) — website optimization for search engines, to find him in the leading position in search for relevant search queries. In this case, the advertising platform becomes the entire page of search engine results.

To date SEO, despite all the skeptic remains the most effective method of promotion. Advantage is low cost and, perhaps, the highest conversion rate of targeted traffic. The point here is that most users trust the results they found their favorite search engine. Thus, the above with the aid SEO promotion of the site audience already interested in your business and have some credibility.

The disadvantages of this method of promotion is its complexity and slowness. Unfortunately, most search engines are interested in is to discredit this tool in favor of their contextual advertising, which try to make the process as less stable. For example, owning more than 60% of the search market in Russia Yandex, constantly “improving” their search algorithms, making the process of removing the site in the TOP even longer and even more expensive for the customer.

But do not be afraid. SEO can and should be applied, just it should not be the only channel to attract your audience.

SMM-promotion in social networks

This method of promotion is now rapidly gaining momentum. It is designed to attract traffic from social networks. In social networks there are 2 advertising channel — contextual advertising (ads) and community promotion. Both of these methods are quite flexible and have a wide targeting capabilities. The differences between them is approximately the same as between SEO and contextual advertising.