Integrated promotion of sitesMany SEO agencies will claim that search engine marketing — it is contextual advertising, search engine optimization, and display advertising (banner ads) with large resources.

For 10 years he promoted more than 300 websites.

How do we?

Step 1. Strategy, tactics, auditing

Of starting a comprehensive promotion of your website, we first set, for whom you work. That is, study your target audience: how many, who they where and what they live, what like to eat for Breakfast, where they go, their dreams, habits, affections.

Analyzed marketing activities of competitors — what they offer and how they do it, what action had been taken to get the position that is now, what mistakes are made, how these errors are to use for our good.

Appreciate the benefits of your product. Calculated, as correctly submitted in the comprehensive promotion on the Internet.

Analyze your weaknesses. Consider: marketing mistakes, mistakes in the usability, technical errors.

On average we find about 100-150 such details and defects. After the fix, the product begins to be sold in three to four times better even without promotion.

Step 2. Plug-in comprehensive measures


A wide set of tools . dozens of types of accommodation (including the most non-standard). Promotion in social networks, information accommodation, organizing competitions, working with the trading platforms. If this advertising works — it you will.

From 50 to 70 man-hours on the project. Copywriters, SEO experts, usability specialists, specialists in contextual advertising.

Huge knowledge base on projects . the choice of the optimal method in each of the niches. Know what works where, where — no.

Work to the result. All projects rise to the TOP, even if the site is driven into the filter unqualified.

Intensive approach to advertising. Point efficiency is defined by their achievement used in new niches.

Work by hand. Based on the available data in detail to predict the rise or fall of sales in the case of certain actions. The most important thing in the business — correctly assess where you are and where to go next. With us, you know.

Total: our efficiency — 95-97% !

All the rest:

3 main types of work: SEO, contextual advertising, display advertising (banners).

8 hours on the project per month. SEO specialist = link Manager (buys links in a semi-conscious state).

New ways of placing hard to find and expensive. Use master developments.

If you cannot achieve the specified position in for two to three months — the rejection of the client.

The extensive approach to advertising (the budget increase in existing niches). Leads to irrational spending of funds (budget 30 thousands — 300 profit, the budget is 45 thousands — profit 315).

The report is a distillation of Yandex.Metrics. Analyst? Prediction? Yes you laugh!

Step 3. Work with statistics

We have position, traffic, orders come. Everything can rest on our laurels? No, you can’t stop! Need to monitor competitors, to respond quickly to their actions, pressing for their share of the market.

How to order search engine marketing?