How to promote website on their own.Today, in the age of automatic services promotion (purchase links), there is no need to turn to third-party SEO company and give your website to outsource, in terms of promotion. Spend a little time learning how to do it yourself and you will save a lot of money.

I have been promoting websites since 2005, started from their sites, then undertook a client, 2 years working in a SEO company, then left and continued to work for yourself. At the moment we give priority to own projects and portals. Because over the years I moved into the TOP10 of dozens of websites, I decided to share my experience.

The SEO market has actually changed very much over the last 5-7 years. If earlier companies engaged in the promotion of sites (SEO), hired in the state of the link-managers who sat stupidly exchanging links with other sites, today the need in such works have disappeared, thanks to the evolution of search algorithms (search engines are much less aware of mutual links). And today, instead of sharing links they buy. Buy at so-called link exchanges.

So is it worth it to pay a website to promote third-party company?

No, not worth it. To clarify, in most cases not worth it. You know how there work? On the website you work on internal optimization, then purchased links and all, more over the site of the work not being carried out, and pay you monthly. For example, pay 30 000 every month, of which 10 000 SEO company forwards into a link aggregator for payment links and 20 000 takes. So why should you pay a SEO-company 30 000 every month, if you can pay directly in the link aggregator 10 000? This is what people do that do not save money and do not want at least a little to understand this fact. All these numbers are of course arbitrary, but the approximate picture looks that way.

Thus, if you want to save big money on promoting their site, paying for links directly to the reference aggregator and not through the SEO firm. The only obstacle is the initial on-page optimization. Without it, it is better not to buy links, otherwise the budget may go into the pipe. Below I describe all the steps, including how to get around this obstacle.

Of course, there are difficult cases volume websites, e-shops, for example, with curves in addition engines. There without specialist can not do. But again, the specialist is required only at the initial stage, to work on the site and to prepare him for promotion in the future his services, for the most part, not needed. Occasionally you can resort to them in emergency situations, and just pay for links and follow a budget. In my experience, in most cases, the internal website optimization client takes 1-3 days.

So, what are the main work to promote the site? This is an internal optimization and purchase links in the text which contain promoted phrase. All this you can do yourself without any problems! There really is no big deal. Spending time and energy on optimization, you will save huge amounts of money in future because you will only have to pay for purchased links and all. Just pay will, as I have said several times already in less directly referential exchange, not the SEO company.

Remember that buying links is not important. Most importantly, it is good to optimize the site first, non-optimized website to promote not advise it, spend the money on buying links.