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Creation and promotion of sites

The website helps to develop the business, attracts new customers. Website creation is a complex procedure which requires certain cost and time. To create the site doesn’t turn into misuse of funds, it is necessary to work with reliable developers.

The company ’s Megga Media Group– working more than 8 years in the field of creation and promotion of sites. During this time we have created and promoted more than 150 sites, has earned the trust and respect of clients throughout Russia.

In order to increase the efficiency of your website and attract the greatest number of users (potential customers) need to constantly promote and advertise your information resource. Without specific knowledge and professional experience website promotion is a very complex and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, the duties to promote the site of your company we can take on.

Cooperating with our company You get:

High-quality services. We are interested in long term cooperation with our clients, so always try to make a positive impression. Experience shows: 1 satisfied customer brings 3 new orders, 1 dissatisfied takes 10. Therefore, we aimed to maximum quality performance of their services;

Short deadlines. Years of experience allows us to quickly fulfill even the most complex orders. Stretching deadlines create or promote sites, the company loses time on new orders, and the client loses money. So we try to quickly do their work, while maintaining quality;

Reliability. By ordering services from our company, You can not be afraid for the loss of his money or a waste of his time. All work happens according to plan, which is coordinated with the customer. Payment is made according to the contract.