Integrated promotion of sitesSpeaking about an integrated strategy of promotion of the Internet project, we must consider the following:

The definition of promotion methods and their sequence.

Features of application of each method of promotion for different subjects, the definition of budget.

What are the goals for each method of promotion should be reached at specific dates (milestones).

Let’s analyze the first paragraph. Unless the competent strategy of promotion of a site can be one-sided? No. It should be comprehensive, use several different promotion tools, applying them correctly.

Simply put, when you start the process of promoting the website, the main task — to determine methods of promotion and to correctly distribute the budget between them. To make this choice correctly, you are only setting the goals of an advertising campaign at this stage, and knowing by what means these goals can be achieved in the most optimal way.

Review of methods of promotion

To begin with, let which promotion tools are most relevant today, and also talk about the soundness of the matching and allocation of advertising budgets between them.

First of all, I want to say that the promotion includes two groups of measures: attracting the audience and enhancing the effectiveness of audience attracted. Disassemble tools we will in descending order of their share in the advertising market.

Contextual advertising

This is paid advertising from search engines and large advertising networks. It consists of displaying ads, adapting to any context — the search query, the topic page or the interests of the user. It is divided into search engine advertising, and advertising placed on third party sites. Accordingly, the search advertisement is displayed depending on the search query, and the rest — or under the subject pages, or the interests of the user, expressed previously in search queries. Thus, this advertising is always connected with the search, so the main advertisers are search engines Yandex and Google. Payment in contextual advertising usually goes for link in the ad to the advertiser’s site.

The largest system for contextual advertising in Runet is Yandex.Direct — he has about 80% of the market. Second — Google Adwords. The main advantage of contextual advertising is that it allows you to quickly draw the right amount of interested traffic and to increase sales. It is convenient that an advertising campaign can be very quickly deployed and just as quickly (even faster) is stopped. In addition, this method of promotion when used correctly, it has wide opportunities of targeting, which results in high efficiency. Usually, the conversion of the traffic from contextual advertising is one of the most high.