A little review about website promotion!The success and profitability of a website depends on two components, this proper creation of a web resource, starting from the exterior design – website design and ending with the prescription of all scripts and codes. This may also include and website optimization for search engines and e-mail newsletter. The second point is website promotion. No matter how stunning layout, sophistication of the site map, and other attributes do not have a website, it will be nothing without proper, consistent and effective promotion. To start promotion of website needs from its registration in white catalogs. White catalog this catalog does not require installation to untwist the resource of placing backlinks. Return link reduces everything to nothing.

After or before placing your site in directories and tops, on all of its pages, you must place the counter code. Its purpose is not only to count the number of unique visitors, and conducts a detailed analysis of the visits. Web site promotion needs detailed information such as where visitors have come to the website, what is their geography, what search queries are transitions, and how much time the average visitor spends on the site. All these data oriented SEO and help you choose the right direction for web site promotion. Then the resource needed advertising, in the initial phase, when it is impossible to predict the future profit that will be able to make a website, you must abandon expensive advertising.

There are different promotional resources with the actual, low-cost pay-per-click. Not necessary here to include a variety of CAP systems. Their use does not bring the target audience to buy the transitions only for the fact that a real visitor is seen that the resource is visited.

So make websites visits to such sponsors raises your website in the rankings and this in turn again brings real interested visitors. Buying links is the next step in the implementation of web site promotion. Purchased links is a totally different level. The transitions on him ninety percent of the target, as well as the number of links could affect the TCI website. Articles on the subject of web site promotion is created and written a lot by reading them, one starts to think that the promotion of a site it easy, and then these same people begin to exclaim in amazement why their website no one visits. All because of search engine optimization sites should be entrusted to professionals. Of course none of them will open before the end of its secrets, and willing to go first in the list of search engines, tops and ratings very, very tape drinking