Website promotionYou spend money on advertising, but no result?

Site attendance is growing, but very few sales?

You don’t know in advance what the result will bring spent on advertising funds?

Want the dynamics to track the growth of your website traffic?

To see the impact you make on the website changes on the percentage of conversion of site visitors into buyers?

Want sales grew at the same cost on advertising and promotion?

What should I do?


Who the potential consumers/buyers? Why do they buy goods/services? What problems can be solved? What are other ways to solve this problem? What people are doing in the first place when faced with such a problem? Where can you find these people online?

Make portraits of Your customers, their habits, favorite websites. We select keywords for your website promotion taking into account their popularity, competition, and available budget.


Depending on geography, duration of the advertising campaign, having your own website that is technically competent to promote in search engines and target audience, we are planning an advertising campaign. For example, if you need quick, short-term and a guaranteed result it is better to use contextual advertising. For a stable constant flow of customers to your site promotion TOP 10 search engines, because the cost of one attracted client will be minimal. To reach groups of consumers to advertising in social networks. For branding – media and banner ads at Yandex, thematic portals and so on. Most advertising campaigns combine all kinds of advertising on the Internet in different proportions.

Conduct an audit of the site on the subject of technical barriers to promotion in search engines. Conduct usability testing with the aim to eliminate the inconvenience and disruption during the ordering process. Compile a list of problems and shortcomings of the site, the removal of which will allow you to more effectively and quickly solve problems, respond to their questions.


Run the campaign and constantly improve its effectiveness.

Competing write texts for ads, choose the best.

Prepare layouts of banners, test their effectiveness.

Create landing pages that will get users clicking ads.

Promote the site in search engines, analyze the statistics of site traffic, monitor the actions of major competitors.

Set on the counters defined purpose, to measure conversion.


Constantly analyze the actions of users, map clicks, web visor and other statistics. The proposed changes on the website, to increase sales. Test new changes on a small percentage of visitors, if for a small audience is confirmed by the sales growth, we implemented the change for all users.