PR and other guerrilla methods of promotionWhen the goal — not a direct increase of sales and increase of brand awareness, it is possible to go a roundabout way. It comes to events to PR. They can be custom-made articles for publications, informational resources, promotional offers, and promotion in the blogosphere and other small for the volume of the audience channels. This method can work effectively in the later stages of the campaign, if correctly used.

Analytics and measures to increase conversions

This tool is aimed at boosting sales by increasing the impact of the current audience of the site — increase the percentage of conversion to its clients.

The best method of promoting the Formulation of common goals

As a target you can designate a certain level of attendance, a certain level of sales or any other objective metrics, e.g., gains or consumable budgets.

Independently to predict the level of attendance and to try to put time limits on the basis of this indicator quite difficult if you do not have any experience. You can only find on the net competitors, the age of which is about 1-2 years (for highly competitive subjects — more) and see what subjects they cover, and what the traffic to their site. Depending on these data it is possible to set certain goals for yourself.

Selection of methods of promotion

Here it is necessary to use data that were obtained during the analysis of competitors. Focusing on competitors, you can understand which tools work better in your environment and how they are applied. Actually, quite easy to make 4. Delivering happiness. From zero to billion. The history of building a great company from the first rooks choice tool — in the early stages it is almost always a SEO and contextual advertising. More difficult to determine the characteristics

Planning and allocation of budget for search engine marketing

In order to plan the budget, must be operated by the following figures: how much are you willing to invest in the promotion of the site for each individual subject, and what really is the use of each method for each subject. Further, knowing the priorities of each theme for your business, and subjectively evaluating the effect of each method on the basis of data about competitors, it will be possible to distribute budgets.

An integrated approach to the promotion of the site will not only achieve the highest efficiency from the whole advertising campaign overall, but also to optimally allocate the advertising budget, squeeze the most out of each individual marketing tool. Therefore, the important question of the preparation of a comprehensive promotional strategy is to trust the professionals.