Complex website promotion in search enginesSEO-optimization in the form in which it was positioned prior to the present time, loses its relevance. This is because job search engines are continually improved. Day by day algorithms for selecting sites become more sophisticated. Therefore, a single universal recipe for the successful promotion of sites on the Internet simply can not exist. And any unequivocal guarantees in this matter are often empty promises.

We do not give empty promises to any customer. And do not give guarantees on immediate contact of the website in the top search engines. We honestly declare – high-quality promotion of sites on the Internet is not one day and even months. If any organizations offer a different path and promise a quick entry into the top ten search engine results, then you should seriously think about.

What we are promoting your sites?

Texterra offers its customers the most optimal variant – website promotion with payment for traffic. This work allows us to achieve the best results at the most cost-effective investments.

What is included in our promotion? Let’s the steps:

The broadest possible semantic core . We don’t work on HF (issuance cannot be predicted), we are working on a large number of LF and MF requests.

Optimization of the structure of the site . creating a map to relevance of website.

Work on content creation . Quality. Visitandolo editors and proofreaders. Selling. Increase the conversion rate. Any. But you need a lot of content. Very much. Many years of experience and in-house professional copywriters – here are two of our elements of success in writing texts.

The internal factors of ranking . This work is to test and optimize the pages from the point of view of search engines.

Improving the visibility of a website in search engines. By building a faithful conversion script user behavior on the website daily and work on improving behavioral factors. By publishing high-quality PR materials on trust sites close to the topic of your site.

And no link-bombing .

Payment system

Order website promotion in our Agency is very simple. You need to contact us on any of these phones: 8 (800) 775-16-41 (free calls within Russia) or + 7 (495) 220-88-06

The cost of promotion is calculated individually for each client. The calculation takes into account the theme of the site, its age and its competitiveness in its market segment. Payment consists of two components: cost of operations (fixed money) + the variable part of the fee, which depends on the achieved results and calculated by the formula A-B-C=D*E . where:

A – all of the traffic from search engines per month (arbitrage system the customer chooses, we trust Google.Analytics, Yandex.Metrics

B – improper traffic per month;

C – «natural» search traffic for the month, which was the site before beginning any work with us. This digital value is constant and defined in the contract;

D – paid search traffic per month;

E – the cost of one switch from search engines to your website with topics targeted search queries.

Analytic Department of Texterra determines the relevance of thematic requests. You will then create a comprehensive semantic core. Final edits on the results discuss all the details with the client. Payment is made after signing of the formal agreement for the provision of services.

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