Selection of semantic kernel.First of all, you need to pick key phrases on which you will advance. To do this go to the service from Yandex Choose your region and enter any phrase associated with your business, for example, “doors”:

We can see, the service showed all the phrases that are associated with dialed, and which users are requesting. The figures are the number of impressions i.e. how many times the user thought advertising in Internet search page, when he got this phrase. Ie man took the phrase – it’s one show, moved to the second page of SERPs for this phrase is the second show. Thus, one user may have multiple impressions. What does it mean? This means that this number may be divided by 3, because we are interested in requests, not impressions. In any case, if you did not understand what I mean, look at these figures and be guided by them, they give a General picture of the popularity of the phrase. If it is popular, you can take in advance.

And yet. To gain a better phrase, in quotes, that we tell Yandex to show the demand for this phrase, not all the phrases where she can come in. It is also desirable to add the symbol “!” before the word, it means that you want to know the exact phrase in the word form without changing the end, case, etc. i.e. “door” and “doors” are one and the same, and so if you type “!interior !the door”, there will be figures on this phrase in this decline. How many of these phrases to recruit? Take 10 to start. Actually there may be tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Stage 2 – Internal optimization

Now we need to define landing pages to promote. For each phrase find the page that it corresponds to. One page I recommend to take 1-4 phrase, no more. Record all in eksel-file, it is convenient to work with.

If You create a new page under the promoted phrase, it is all simple and easy. Simply order the text (from a copywriter or text exchange or in the service Rookee) and indicate in the technical task 1-4 keywords. Copywriter will write the text exactly in these keywords. You will only have to place the text on your site.

Another tip how you can find a relevant page. To do this, the search engine enter the following: “your request site:the site address”.

The first place to issue will get the relevant page (according to Yandex). It can help You in finding relevant pages. In Google all the same.

Then begins the same internal optimization of website pages. What is covered? Are the main three points:

The title page is enclosed in a tag <h1>;

Tittle (it’s the inscription that you see in the top tab of the browser);

Unique text with the inclusion of promoted phrases themselves.

These three conditions must be run for each promoted page. Optimize those pages that have chosen to promote. The entire site should not be shoveled. But there are exceptions: for example, the same Tittle on all pages of the website. In this situation we have to investigate at the level of CMS (content management system), or there is something wrong configured or it curve.

I will not paint what is h1 tittle and I still not produce a book, and a short guide. Type in Yandex queries “h1” or something, and learn what’s what and how to fill out these tags and meta tags.

Of course, there are other things that you can focus. This meta-tags Descriptions, Keywords. The first of them is Google in most cases actively uses the snippet of a website (text in the results displayed under the blue link on the website), fill them, I also recommend, but not necessary.

Of great importance and menu structure. Please note that promoted page was not further than two clicks from the main. Better order to this page was through the link in the menu. It is a good plus when promoting. All of these alterations in terms of complexity depend on the CMS website.

About the texts. You need unique articles are included in their key phrases. Go on there will easily find a copywriter. Give him the topic of the article with key phrases that should go in there, he says, you post an article on the promoted page. That’s all. The cost of their services different. For the normal text will ask around 100 – 200 rubles per 1000 characters of text. Ie for the price you can get a proper copywriter. I usually have to promote the site takes 3000-5000 rubles for filling in unique information. Or You can use this service in the same Hands. Local copywriters write great lyrics.

I described the basic things that you need to spend time. Very often this is enough to start moving, but not always. Please note also the following points, then, in the case of absenteeism phrases in TOP10, not to wrestle and not think why it happened.

You should be aware that extradition is no such other site with the same contact information (telephones, addresses). Otherwise Yandex will accept your site as an affiliate and promote other for some queries, it would be impossible. Two of a site often happens, when one of the employees decided to secede and start their own business, “leading” website.